Streamline your operations to optimise costs

14 May 2024

Attention FDs and CFOs – Realise a saving up to 20% on your total recruitment costs with Neuven’s Neutral Vendor Service

 As a CFO, you’re constantly looking for ways to streamline operations to optimise costs, being careful not to sacrifice quality or efficiency. An often-overlooked opportunity to realise these improvements is in end-to-end workforce management – an ever-evolving area that becomes increasingly complex and time-consuming.

Whilst your business is trying to focus on its core activities, managing relationships with multiple recruitment agencies can become a minefield of added convolution:

  • Financial impact of variation in rates and terms
  • Risk of recruitment failures or poor-quality hires
  • Lack of flexibility for fluctuating hiring requirements
  • Reduced control over regulation and compliance

The list goes on…

Now, imagine removing all the complexity while gaining a superior standard of recruitment services whilst saving your company up to 20%.

 As a Neutral Vendor, Neuven Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of services – designed to help your organisation navigate the intricacies of managing a contingent workforce whilst reducing the financial impact.

In 2023:

Our Neutral Vendor Service centralises the management of agency suppliers, so you can continue to work with your trusted recruitment agencies while gaining access to our 3,000 recruitment agency partners – handpicked to ensure we consistently meet fulfilment targets while tapping into a broad range of skillsets across multiple industries in all geographical locations.

We work with you to:

  • Align your workforce requirements to your budget
  • Ensure efficient utilisation of resources
  • Enhance your talent acquisition offering
  • Optimise supplier management
  • Maintain high standards of quality and compliance

Our Neutral Vendor Service is underpinned by Venneu, our technology platform that consolidates all of your recruitment activity and compliance information into a single source that can be anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Contingent labour supply with 100% transparency, guaranteed cost savings and fulfilment.

Agency correctly negotiated rates 
100% fulfilment 
Full compliance assured 
Reporting 24/7 digital access 
Account Manager / Helpdesk access 
Free spend analysis assessment 
Single weekly invoice – fully itemised 

By partnering with Neuven Solutions, your business can leverage innovative solutions, expert guidance, and unparalleled support to navigate the complexities of the neutral vendor world with confidence and clarity.

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