Venta | Time and Attendance

The ultimate time and attendance software for workforce management

Say goodbye to costly hardware and hello to seamless integration with your own mobile devices. With effortless QR code scanning, personalised identification, and granular location tracking, Venta ensures precision and reliability.

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Available anytime, anywhere, on any device, Venta® provides:

Fully Mobile Solution

  • Liberates workforce facilities from the constraints of
    expensive hardware installations, offering unparalleled
  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing mobile
    devices, eliminating the need for costly investments
    in specialised equipment such as tablets or dedicated

Streamline admin and time management

  • Streamlines processes with a quick and simple scan,
    enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Captures unpaid breaks, configures automatic time
    rounding, and allows for manual entry of missed scans, ensuring precise timekeeping.
  • Automatically assigns hours today and night rates based on customisable client-specific rules, minimising
    errors, and ensuring compliance.

Personalisation Verification

  • Instantly validates worker identity through visual
    confirmation fostering trust and rapport-building within
    your organisation.
  • Each worker is equipped with a unique QR code, easily
    accessible either digitally on their mobile device or
    through a physical identity badge, ensuring secure and
    accurate identification.

Compliance Support

  • Provides accurate information for auditors and inspections through detailed Worked Hours reports, ensuring regulatory compliance and operational
  • Reduces post-invoice adjustments by providing
    meticulously accurate timesheets, enhancing financial
    integrity and client satisfaction.
  • Empowers swift action during emergencies with a Fire Roll-Call button on mobile devices, offering real-time
    visibility of all agency workers on shift.

Comprehensive Data and Report

  • Facilitates seamless data transfer with exportable
    Worked Hours reports, empowering informed decision- making and compliance adherence.
  • Prevents payroll errors, enhancing worker satisfaction
    and trust in the remuneration process.

Bespoke technology

Each implementation of Venta is bespoke to our clients’ requirements.

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