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Neuven Consult

Neuven Consult provides Audits Compliance Expertise, Bid Management, Tender Support, Framework and Compliance Training to organisations across the UK.

Neuven Consult is the most successful neutral and independent consultancy in the UK & Ireland, and has spent over a decade at the forefront of Compliance and Public Sector engagement. We empower some of the UK’s largest Public and Private Sector organisations with our wealth of experience, knowledge and guidance.

More than advisors; we take a partnership approach and work collaboratively with our clients to navigate and secure Public Sector contracts. With over 30 years of experience in compliance, our Bid, Audit and Training teams enhance standards in the supply chain to ensure that our clients received unparalleld engagement and support.

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With a success rate exceeding 95%, we have consistently delivered positive outcomes for our clients.

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Our Services

Our specialised Bid Management team is dedicated to propelling our clients’ ventures forward, supporting across a variety of sectors aligned to Public Sector objectives including People, Corporate Solutions, DDAT (Digital Design & Technology) and Buildings & Infrastructure.

We offer a comprehensive range of services that incorporate bid writing, bid management and everything in between. With an unrivalled 97% success rate of delivering successful bids for UK companies, both large and small, we are your partners in securing winning contracts.

Visit the Neuven Consult website to find out more about how our Bid Management service can empower your success.

The workforce landscape is ever-changing, presenting a range of challenges and complexities when it comes to compliance. Having a good understanding of your contractual and legislative obligations is vital for the reputation and survival of your business.

Our dedicated Audit Team are all CIFAS (Credit Industry Fraud Avoidance System) accredited and take on the role of compliance navigators to carry out over 2,500 audits per year. We tailor our service to your requirements and help to identify and mitigate risk, ensuring you meet your contractual obligations.

Visit the Neuven Consult website to find out more about how our Audit service can help you boost efficiency and guarantee compliance.

Our Training solutions and expert team deliver the knowledge, skills and confidence to excel in the world of supply to the Public and Private Sectors. We provide access to industry experts who combine years of experience in your specific sector to deliver vital industry insights.

We offer in-depth compliance and regulations training to ensure your organisation understands and stays compliant with the intricate requirements of both the Public and Private Sectors. Learn essential aspects such as framework optimisation, how to navigate legal complexities, and how to implement risk mitigation strategies.

Visit the Neuven Consult website to find out more about how our Training service can help you gain a competitive edge.

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