New brand. New website. Same excellent service.

10 November 2020

To celebrate Neuven’s 10-year anniversary, we are today revealing the branding project we’ve been working on for the last few months; incorporating a new logo and website for Neuven and our technology products Venneu® and Venloc®.

10 years marks a significant milestone for Neuven, founded in 2010 by CEO John Simmonds, focussed on combining the power of people and technology to deliver leading neutral vendor services to the employment market.  Since then, Neuven has grown from strength to strength and is regularly acknowledged by clients, agencies and industry bodies as an organisation that delivers excellence.

John Simmond, Neuven’s CEO commented:

“This rebrand marks a new era for Neuven, as we start to look to how technology and innovation will shape the employment market over the next ten years. 2020 has certainly been a challenging landscape to navigate for everyone but I’m incredibly proud of the way that our team continually supports our clients with their workforce needs, and how we’ve been able to rapidly adapt our technology to accommodate the ‘new normal’.

“Our new visual identity is a manifestation of everything that is great about Neuven; it adds a renewed level of energy to the brand and brings everything together to support us in solving current and future workforce management challenges through world-leading innovations.”

John Simmonds

The Neuven, Venneu® and Venloc® brands are being rolled out across all platforms and communications and this is just the first in a set of exciting new developments which will be revealed in the coming months.