Case Studies



Neuven work with a large retail client who operate over 200 locations nationwide. Although the client had a small agency supply team, with only 21 active suppliers, the client had no administrative processes set up across the business for the management of their temporary agency labour. This meant that the client were unable to track candidates on their Agency Worker Regulations (AWR), Right to Work compliance and what they were paying for their agency labour.

The Venneu® system gave the client visibility and control for the first time, both in terms of what they were using in contingent labour and what the different agencies were charging for the same service. This was achieve by the Venneu® offering the client consolidated invoicing and real time management information.

After analysing the clients labour spend, Neuven were able to implement a bespoke set of uniformed pay and charge rates across the client’s 200 sites. By standardising the rates, Neuven created a more competitive environment, where suppliers compete on the quality of staff they provide to the client rather than trying to generate the most margin.

The Neuven Account Manager worked closely with the client to help create a bespoke, 50 point audit plan for the agency supply panel, which is in line with the client requirements for a specialist set of suppliers. The audit plan is now carried out by Neuven’s audit team across all agency suppliers, at all 200 locations across the UK.

Venneu® also ensured the client could track and report on candidates tenure using Venneu® sophisticated AWR technology. This gave the client confidence that their contingent workers were not only legally compliant, but being treated fairly and ethically, which was not previously possible.

Neuven developed a very close relationship with the client through the implementation of the Venneu® system. The Neuven account manager became an integral asset to the client, advising them on areas such as legislation and the changes in national/living wage.

  • £3m Spend
  • 200 Locations
  • 400 Candidates Supplied
  • 21 Agencies

  • Invoice Consolidation
  • AWR & Legal Compliance
  • Bespoke Audit Plan
  • Reduced Costs
  • Visibility and Control
  • Real Time MI
  • Ongoing Advice & Support