Case Studies


Facilities Management

The client faced a number of challenges, one of which was with agencies refusing to work with the previous neutral vendor. They also felt that they were being over charged by agencies and that the incumbent provider had become complacent and had let their service levels drop, through lack of account management.

Due to Neuven’s fair and open way of working, they were able to bring all of the supplying agencies ‘on panel’ which had been impossible for the previous provider. For the first time, the client was able to gain genuine visibility and control over the agency spend at each cost centre, through real time management information. They were also able to take advantage of the consolidated invoices, which they were previously unable to use due to agencies bypassing the incumbent provider.

The client were given new levels of consistency across all sites, bringing agencies onto one set of transparent rates and eradicating inconsistent margins. Giving managers one set of standardised terms and conditions for the agency supply team to work to, including the better management of the ‘Temp-to-Perm’ arrangement, allowed the client to reduce their reliance on agency staff.

Neuven gave the client real added value through the Venneu® system, offering the client the ability to fully access worker documents held against each candidate in the system(e.g. Right to Work documents / Licences) enabling hiring managers to check candidates before they turned up on site. Neuven were also able to identify and uncover a number of agencies who were supplying candidates without the proper certifications, through their detailed agency audits. This helped to mitigate the clients reputational and financial risks, as well as safeguarding the clients contracts.

Due to the Neuven’s success, the client were happy to increase the scope of the contract, increasing the number of sites using the services from circa 380, to over 600. This gave the client real visibility of their 165 supplying agencies on a nationwide basis.

As Neuven were able to eradicate the use of out of panel agencies, the client were especially pleased with the added befits of the systems consolidated invoicing and payments. Functionality which had previously been promised to them by the incumbent provider but never delivered.

Neuven continue to work closely with the client through their account management team to drive up agency best practices and work with managers to make sure the agency supply team is working to the highest possible standard.

  • £10.5m Spend
  • 500 Locations
  • £12.5M Predicted Spend
  • 165 Agencies

  • Consolidated Invoicing
  • Panel Supply Eradication
  • Transparent Rates Set
  • Expanded Service
  • Compliance Management