Case Studies



Neuven’s compliance audits were established on the basis of communication and transparency with the focus of protecting clients and improving suppliers knowledge and as such, quality. The solution is backed up by continuous reporting, quality assurance and flexibility to help meet a client’s demand.

Neuven were appointed to carry out audits on an annual basis for a large procurement body, covering their Nursing, Med Locums, AHP/HSS and their Non-Clinical Non-Medical frameworks.

As part of the framework, Neuven auditors were required to travel across the UK in order to audit all the agencies that have supplied into the four framework agreements. All of the auditors servicing the client received intense training on the framework requirements and NHS Employer requirements. This was in addition to Neuven keeping their auditors constantly keep up to date with legislation and any changes that could affect the audit criteria.

The auditor upon arrival would brief the supplier on the audit process and close off any questions, with the audit then taking place against a minimum of 10% of supplier files. A full de-brief of each audit was given to the agency but the pass or fail was withheld from the supplier unless instructed otherwise by the client. Neuven also provided a full audit report for the client detailing:

  • Name of Supplier Audited
  • Score Achieved
  • Detailed break down of Non-Compliances
  • Re-Audits
  • Total Supply v Files Audited
  • League table of supplier scores

Neuven continue to work with the procurement body and carry out reviews on a quarterly basis to discuss the audit program, budgeting, ways to improve the process and close off any queries that may have arisen.

Since starting the project Neuven have carried out over over 2500 audits nationwide ensuring clients gained the highest possible level of compliance and protecting clients from potential reputational hazards. Neuven auditors uncovered over 500 failures in Occupational Health, over 600 failed users in mandatory training as well as 72 candidates with failed DBS checks and 15 illegal workers.

On average 34% of suppliers audited by Neuven’s compliance auditors, have operational failures requiring a re-audit. Over 10% of the candidate files Neuven audited have some form of fraudulent documentation

  • 2500+ Audits Completed
  • 72 Agencies
  • 34% Re-Audit
  • 500+ Occupational Health Failures

  • Complete Agency Coverage on Framework
  • Continuous Improvement with Client
  • Service Continuity with Auditors and Clients
  • Uncovering of Critical Failures
  • High Agency Pass Rate