Case Studies



A charity sector client joined Neuven in 2016. The client had 42 supplying agencies and under utilisation of their pool of bank staff. The client also struggled with control over their agency costs, with no visibility or control over their spend and had little or no robust management information on which to base their decisions.

Neuven worked with the client to build a hybrid solution, utilising both the Venneu® and Venloc® systems. Firstly, Neuven analysed the clients agency spend to make sure all of the rates the client used were made transparent, with over charging agencies brought into line or replaced. Agency pay rates and margins were standardised, offering immediate savings to the client.

The resulting panel of agencies invoiced the client through the Venneu® system, reducing the amount of invoices received each week to one simple consolidated invoice, giving further administrative cost savings.

Over an eight week period, Neuven loaded all of their agency workers onto the Venneu® system, with each candidate given an up to date AWR clock, ensuring the client was paying the right rate at the right time, whilst avoiding any exposure to changes in legislation.

Once the agencies were transacting through Venneu®, the management information on offer, through the system, gave them an insight into their agency usage, allowing the client to take back control over when and where they were using agency.

Through the implementation of Venloc®, the client were able to target sites overly reliant on temporary staff, and challenge those high usage locations to fully utilise their bank pool. By successfully managing their resources, the client were able to make their pool of bank staff the initial source of temporary staff, before any requirements were sent out to agencies. Bank staff compliance was checked and monitored through the Venloc® system, cutting the administrative demand for the managers on site.

The client were impressed with the ease and effectiveness of the technology that the hybrid solution offered. The compliance controls put in place through the system, as well as the links to governing bodies, allowed them to reduce their administrative burden and ensure 100% compliance in their directly engaged temporary workforce. The management information gave them an insight into their agency usage, giving them control over when and where to use agency and how to maximise their bank pool.

Through Venneu® the client could see what they were paying for agency labour in a clear, broken down and transparent way for the first time. Whilst the compliance within Venneu® and Venloc® ensured only qualified, quality staff were being supplied, both through the bank pool and via agencies.

  • 33 Panel Agencies
  • 65 Locations
  • 7500+ Timesheets / Yr
  • £13K+ Captured Spend

  • Converting Agency Usage into Bank Usage
  • Ensuring Candidate Compliance
  • Minimising Legal Exposure
  • Cost Control and Reduction
  • Real Time MI
  • Visibility and Control