Neuven Consult Inclusive Hub hands with pot of money

Brendan’s Fundraising Story

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As someone who originally grew up on the outskirts of London, I was fortunate to be welcomed into the Merseyside community nearly 20 years ago, and have always felt I have been treated as one of their own. I have 3 children now aged 20, 16 and 15, who have grown up in Crosby, Liverpool and have always been lucky enough to participate in many activities the local community has to offer. Therefore when the opportunity arose to do something to support such an amazing project as The Inclusive Hub, that provides such fantastic opportunities to many people, from lots of different backgrounds, who address many challenges in their daily lives, I simply could not refuse and would have never forgiven myself if I had.

So why the Southport half Marathon…..? Well, since agreeing I have asked myself that question many times – why, oh why! 😊 But Southport is one of the places that my children really enjoyed spending happy days in their childhood, doing activities that many of us take for granted, so it seemed fitting. But why the marathon? Well, the people at The Inclusive Hub achieve amazing things every day, so I felt I must do the same!


I used to be very active and in fact, 10 years ago did run a half marathon in North Wales, but now at nearly 45 and spending most of my time sitting behind a desk, I think it will be a very different story! I know it won’t be easy, but then nothing truly worth doing is. The guys at Inclusive hub push through challenges every day, therefore, so must I.

I was asked by a friend am I worried and I said petrified!! What’s worse is I stupidly calculated that it will take me approximately 26,500 steps to complete the distance (if I can)! But every step will be worth it if I can help make a small difference in someone else’s life like the Inclusive Hub team does every single day.

To donate to my GoFundMe page, click the link here.