Introducing Covid-19 contact-tracing through Venneu

19 January 2021

As a valued client we are committed to doing all we can to protect your business and your workforce through these challenging times.

In response to the increasing Covid-19 infection rates, Neuven has developed contact-tracing functionality for our Venneu platform to capture Covid-19-related data per individual worker.
As part of our collective responsibility to provide Covid-19 specific candidate information, Neuven can mandate this process across all your agencies.


If a candidate tests positive for Covid-19, we will work collaboratively with our agencies to follow this process:

  1. The candidate will be immediately removed from any active assignments and begin mandatory isolation.
  2. The candidates Covid-19 test results will be uploaded to Venneu and this will be visible on your Documents tab in Venneu.
  3. Immediately, Venneu will identify every candidate who has been in contact with or worked in close proximity to the Covid-19 positive worker.
  4. Relevant data is shared with you and the corresponding agencies in a GDPR compliant way.
  5. The candidate will be flagged in the system until their isolation period is over and our agencies notify us they are clear to work. If a negative test result is obtained for the candidate, this will also be uploaded to Venneu.


Contact tracing reports will be run across every single Neuven client to capture agency worker activity across multiple clients.
Working together we will do all we can to protect your business, your workforce and that of your supplying agencies.

Thank you for your continued support.
If you have any questions about contact-tracing,
please contact your Neuven Account Manager.