Case Studies


Logistics – B2C

Neuven won a large nationwide business to consumer parcel delivery client from another neutral vendor in the market. Neuven were assessed by the client, in direct comparison to the incumbent supplier, on areas such as fulfilment, invoice accuracy, reliability, helpdesk responses, issue resolution, account manager effectiveness, systems and out of panel spend.

In each area Neuven were able to demonstrate an overwhelming improvement against the previous incumbent. The client were particularly impressed by how easy users found the system in comparison to the old neutral vend solution, as well as the vastly improved relationship with their agency partners.

Neuven brought a new open working relationship with agency suppliers, who had previously been dictated to by the previous neutral vendor. Through Neuven’s effectiveness, speed of response and accuracy, out of panel spend, which had previously been a significant issue for the client, was virtually eradicated. This meant that the real time management information given to the client gave them a 360 degree visibility and control over their suppliers, in one easy to use platform.

The client have over 120 locations nationwide with over 161 members of the agency supply team, which were all rolled out onto the Venneu® system. Once Neuven’s systems were in place, they were able to rationalise the supply panel, reducing the number of agencies to under 60. They set new transparent rates, which on analysis were able to offer the client further significant savings over and above the incumbent suppliers, who had not been completely open about their charge rates.

12 agencies, who had previously refused to co-operate through the incumbent, were brought on board through the Venneu® systems. Alleviating pressure on the supply chain and thereby increasing flexibility in hard to supply areas and improving the overall client service.

Regular feedback meetings were established involving Neuven’s directors and the client’s operational management team. Quarterly reviews between the client’s senior management team and the CEO of Neuven also take place.

  • £27m spend
  • 72 locations
  • 160 agencies
  • 12,000+ temps used

  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Invoice Consolidation
  • Off Panel Eradication
  • Transparent Approach
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Visibility and Control
  • Real Time MI

Our Client Said…

The single invoice reduces our administrative burden considerably and we have had no negative feedback from our agencies regarding the payment process, in fact a number of our agencies have been very grateful regarding the transfer from de Poel to Neuven. The agreed agency charging matrix ensures that we enjoy year on year savings.

Neuven have been very effective and efficient in replacing agencies when required. Based on our experiences to date, I have no hesitation in recommending Neuven to any potential user of temporary labour.

Neuven Client