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Neuven are a specialist in the temporary staffing market including Compliance, Training as well as the procurement of temporary agency labour, locum and bank staff, delivering a host of benefits to our clients on a Neutral Vendor basis.

Originally formed in 2010, Neuven were set up to revolutionise the way clients accessed the temporary recruitment market. By working alongside a hiring organisation and its supplier recruitment agencies, Neuven aimed to move clients away from the restrictive master vendor arrangement into a mutually beneficial, transparent neutral vendor model.

With their client orientated approach, Neuven quickly grew into an industry leading provider in compliance, auditing, training and neutral vending solutions, working with a number of public and private companies across all industry sectors.

In October 2010,  Neuven launched their audit and compliance services. Neuven’s compliance audits were established with the focus of protecting clients, through robust audit processes and a stringent 50 point audit criteria. These in-depth compliance audits were quickly taken up by large public sector frameworks and organisations, to help them mitigate risk across all of their suppliers and temporary workers.

Following on from their success, Neuven launched what have become their industry leading technology solutions Venneu® and Venloc®. Venneu® is Neuven’s on-line platform which underpins the neutral vendor, cost saving solution, processing agency supply team timesheets into one weekly invoice for clients, as well as offering numerous operational benefits, such as real time management information and active compliance modules.

The system is supported by Neuven’s other platform, Venloc®. Venloc® is a system which enables clients to effectively manage their directly engaged workforce in the most efficient and compliant manner. This covers all aspects from registration and workforce planning, through to managing  invoices and compliance for any directly engaged workers.

Neuven also offer clients a flexible approach, combining the Venneu® and Venloc® systems to give clients as may different routes to market as possible and ensuring that clients get the best possible solution to fit their needs

Neuven now work across a number of organisations, from some of the largest in the world, to smaller, specialised charities. All of which are treated in the exactly the same manner, helping to manage their temporary agency supply chain.

Neuven continue to provide clients with the best and most flexible world class service within the neutral vendor, audit and compliance sectors.

  • 20% Cost Savings – Using our experience and knowledge of the temporary recruitment market place, and our understanding of margins and pay rates, we are able to eradicate stealth margins and create a set of uniform pay & charge rates for agencies to work to. Client’s can also achieve additional soft cost savings, which are created through the Venneu® and Venloc® system.
  • Visibility and Control – Utilising the software platforms, clients are able to get real time visibility of their temporary workforce, by seeing exactly where they are using candidates, how many and exactly how much they are paying for it. This gives a clear, transparent understanding of their recruitment, deployment and associated costs.
  • Streamlined Administration – Both the Venneu® and Venloc® systems operate an electronic timesheets processing platform, which allow clients to benefit from not only quick and easy processing, but helps to consolidate your agency or locum invoices so that you receive one simple invoice a week. This ensures considerable time saving benefits for your back office as well as additional cost savings for the business.
  • Audit & Compliance – Neuven have been auditing since 2010 focusing on dramatically reducing instances of non-compliance across the recruitment industry. Based on communication and transparency with the focus of protecting clients and improving supplier’s knowledge. The solution is backed up by continuous reporting, quality assurance and flexibility to help meet a client’s demand. Neuven go further, give more detail and focus on protecting clients.
  • Account Management Team – Neuven work closely with clients and agencies from early on in implementation to understand key operational requirements. Neuven’s Account Managers specialise in delivering exceptional service and supporting both clients and agencies through the transitional phases into managing day to day operations. Account Managers are supported by an extensive help desk team as well as Executive Sponsors, who work as a team to make sure clients are receiving the best possible service from Neuven whether its Training, Compliance or Neutral Vending.
  • Real Time Management Information –  Venneu® and Venloc® are web based platforms and are accessible on all browsers. This enables client’s to pull granular level, management information at any given time and from any device. Reports vary from granular level timesheet reports to compliance driven data such as the AWR report. Neuven also offer clients bespoke reporting as well as dashboard reports to suit individual needs.
  • Training – Neuven are a CPD accredited training provider, specialising in the helping recruitment agencies comply with legal and company specific requirements. Whether it is complying with the requirements within a public sector framework, or simply gaining more industry knowledge and how to spot illegal workers.