Agency Timesheet Management System

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Venneu® Compliance

Venneu®, as one of its core functions, helps clients to proactively manage their legislative compliance. This is done in a number of ways:

Compliance Document Uploads – Venneu® allows candidate documents to be uploaded and checked before candidates arrive on site. This allows clients to get visibility of candidate documents, helping to ensure that workers are fully compliant before they arrive at a client location. Documents can range from Right to Work checks, to client specific induction forms and industry requirements.

Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) Tracking – Venneu® is also equipped with a sophisticated AWR module which allows temporary workers tenure and work periods to be tracked across the entire supply team. This helps to ensure that agencies and client users are fully aware of not only how long a candidate has been working, but the AWR status of each worker, helping to mitigate against the vagaries of the AWR.

Hours Tracking – By allocating each candidate a unique identifier, Venneu® is able to track candidates across all locations and agencies, allowing clients to gain visibility of their compliance in relation to the Working Time Directive. This also helps clients to maintain their ethical standards, as well as maintain driving compliance, identifying drivers who may exceed their time limits, even across multiple suppliers and locations.

All of this is backed up with Neuven’s experienced account management team as well as a national team of compliance experts and auditors who can provide clients with forensic level audits of not only their agencies but also the client’s own locations.

At a Glance
  • Mitigation of risk
  • Sophisticated AWR module
  • Document upload and review
  • Candidate tracking across suppliers and locations
  • Expert help from your Account Manager
  • Access to nationwide Audit Team



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