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Neuven bring new open working relationships with agency suppliers which other neutral vendors simply do not. Where other neutral vendors try to take advantage of recruitment agencies, Neuven are more than aware that, without those agencies, the solution for clients would not work. This makes agencies just as important to Neuven as clients are.

Neuven do not look to exploit recruitment agencies or build in hidden charges, meaning both clients and agencies know exactly what they are getting and how much they are paying. Everything is made completely transparent from the offset, with agencies never being charged for the use of the Venneu system. Agencies are able to accurately track their invoices through the system as well as offering granular level MI breaking invoices down on a timesheet by timesheet basis.

Agency payments are never withheld from our agency supply team, meaning that our partner agencies can base their operations on the foundation regular cash flow and fair payment terms with clients. The Tri-Partite arrangement which Neuven operate also means that recruitment agencies have a direct contract with the client, not solely with the neutral vendor unlike other in the market place. This in turn means that agencies find it easier to secure credit against their invoices.

Neuven operate with multiple clients across a huge number of different industry sectors, giving Neuven’s partner agencies the chance to grow as Neuven bring on new clients and develop within the market place.

Neuven have remained completely neutral with their agency supply panels and haven’t compromised their position by forcing agencies to transact via specific payroll companies, or by partnering with specific agencies over others. This approach of working with, and benefiting, the agencies has allowed Neuven to really differentiate their services from other master and neutral vendors. This neutral approach means that agencies off all sizes can compete on a level playing field, where service and performance are the drivers for new business.

At a Glance
  • Open working relationships
  • Agencies compete on performance
  • Tri-Partite Contracts
  • Consistent agency payments
  • Tracked agency invoices
  • Granular level MI
  • No conflicting additional products
  • No forced payroll solutions
  • Opportunities to grow




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