Direct Staff Management System

Venloc® Usability

Venloc® is a completely bespoke system for each and every client, where each client is given their own unique portal which can be branded to give direct workers, such as bank staff or locums, the feel of going directly to the client. The system itself is extremely user-friendly for clients and direct workers alike, allowing shifts and payments to be logged, tracked and paid for all in one simple platform.

Each worker has their own profile, allowing them to be matched to appropriate sites by their distance and qualifications as well as manage their payments. On the other side, workers are putting themselves forward for work, meaning locations are no longer working off spreadsheets and phone calls to find temporary workers. This streamlining has made the whole process exceptionally easy to manage through the Venloc® system, all whilst making it as safe and compliant as possible.

Venloc® is extremely user-friendly, with all client and direct workers receiving comprehensive training before working with the system. Training and development on the system is continuous, and is offered on an ongoing basis, with face to face sessions and webinars available to all users. This is in addition to the Neuven Help Desk who are on call to offer assistance on anything from changing passwords to more complicated issues.

At a Glance
  • Bespoke web portal
  • Individual worker profile
  • Bespoke candidate registration forms
  • Built in accreditation checking
  • Easy booking management
  • Client payment management
  • Worker invoice tracking
  • Intuitive system for both client and worker
  • Simple online training
  • Built in text and email communication systems


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