Direct Staff Management System

Venloc® Compliance

Compliance is the cornerstone of Venloc® and the visibility it offers is a key element making the system so popular.

From the outset, we look to ensure that the client is protected at all times. Any candidate looking to register for work with a client must complete a robust, client specific, online registration process. This registration process is completely customisable, and can include anything from candidate qualifications and accreditations, to Right to Work and a candidate’s credentials.

This registration process allows Venloc® to  link with various industry governing bodies, such as the GPhC, as well as with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). As such,  Venloc® is able to automatically carry out daily checks on candidate’s fitness to work. This helps clients to ensure that directly engaged staff are active, registered and approved for work in line with their own, individual company guidelines.

The system also has a series of alerts in place to ensure that the relevant client managers are aware when updates to accreditations are required as well as to any updates in candidate qualifications or fitness to practice. This ensures that, even across a wide network of sites, clients are totally confident that the workers they use are fully compliant, and that they are totally protected at all times.

At a Glance
  • Daily compliance updates
  • Links to governing bodies
  • Active DBS checking
  • Mitigate client risk and exposure
  • Client specific registration process
  • Accreditation and qualification tracking


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