Direct Staff Management System

Venloc® Benefits

Venloc® is Neuven’s online direct staff management system, which has been created to offer a registration to invoice management tool for the direct staffing market. The solution works for all types of direct labour, across a multitude of different markets, offering clients visibility and control over their directly engaged workforce like never before.

Compliance and visibility are key elements that make Venloc® so popular. Venloc® ensures that all directly engaged staff are registered and approved along individual company, as well as industry specific,  guidelines. The system automatically checks candidate certifications, from active DBS checking to industry specific accreditations, are compliant and up to date. The system helps manage clients’ adherence to Right to Work legislation and matches qualifications against the requirements of each business unit.

Venloc® works to reduce your annual spend on direct engagement by up to 10%. This is done by fixing pay rates by shift as well as managing mileage and expenses claims. On top of the direct cost saving, Venloc® also helps to generate soft savings, driving up efficiency in administration, booking and the paying of any directly engaged workforce.

All clients are provided with their own bespoke, independent Venloc® portal which is built to reflect each company’s image and internal processes. The bespoke portal allows the client to engage directly with each worker, whilst giving the benefits from consolidated invoicing to detailed, real-time management information and cost savings.

The system itself is incredibly easy to use, which has made it not only popular with client hiring managers, but with directly engaged workers. Workers can log in to the system to book shifts and track their payments which is an invaluable resource, promoting candidate retention whilst reducing client administration and time spent resolving pay queries.

At a Glance
  • Bespoke software solution for direct staff engagement
  • Specific in-built workforce management tool
  • Consolidated invoicing across all direct engagement – no longer need to process individual payments
  • Full visibility of pre-agreed rates and fees
  • Ability to upload and store documents e.g. Right to Work
  • Reduction in temporary agency usage
  • Streamlined administration
  • Cost reduction of up to 10%
  • Extensive worker compliance module
  • Real-time management information
  • Visibility and control on a national basis
  • Improved candidate engagement
  • Candidate invoice tracking
  • Reduction in candidate pay and invoice queries saving time and money


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