Direct Staff Management System

Venloc® Efficiency

The Venloc® solution helps clients to automate many of the manual processes associated with directly engaged staff, from booking candidates through to invoicing and paying workers.

As Venloc® is a completely bespoke client solution, every process a client would normally complete with a worker on a manual, or face to face, basis can be replaced with an online registration process, helping clients to reduce the administrative burden for hiring managers. This also gives the added benefit of real visibility and control over a pool of directly engaged temporary workers, granular level management information on both your permanent and your direct workforce. Venloc® allows clients to get the most out of their labour pool, allowing them to accurately forecast, budget and control expenditure.

Once in the pool of approved direct workers, shifts can be offered, requested and allocated to staff through Venloc®. Each worker has their own profile, allowing them to be matched to appropriate sites by their distance and qualifications, as well allowing workers to manage their own payments, meaning sites are no longer relying on numerous spreadsheets and phone calls to manage their workers.

The Venloc® system also gives managers the tools to efficiently manage their workforce, up to twelve months in advance, using the calendar functionality in the system. This allows managers to assign their permanent staff with shifts, highlighting any gaps which may need filling with a temporary worker. This workforce planning not only helps to prevent the use of expensive agency workers, but also allows managers to plan their resources and budgets well in advance, gaining visibility and control over their workforce.

Once a worker has processed through the Venloc® system, Neuven then takes each worker’s weekly payment and consolidates them into one, simple invoice. Depending on how a client wishes to operate, Neuven will then make the individual payments to workers. Alternatively, Neuven can also consolidate direct staff payments into a single weekly BACS file for clients to maintain the direct relationship with workers, but benefiting from streamlined accounts administration and a reduction in the number of queries received.

At a Glance
  • Consolidated invoicing and streamlined worker payments
  • Direct worker engagement
  • Easy bank staff management
  • Easy to access management information and workforce planning tools
  • Bespoke portal and processes
  • Streamlined registration processes
  • Alternative payment options


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