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Neuven Whistle Blower

Whistle blowing is when an individual raises a concern about a danger, risk, malpractice, or wrongdoing within an organisation. The concern may be raised internally or externally.

Neuven, upon instruction from their client, will work to ensure that all potential problem areas are investigated thoroughly and that all findings are reported transparently whilst maintaining the strictest of confidence.

Where an issue has been raised and an audit is deemed necessary, Neuven agree with the client the scope of the audit, and the information the client requires, This would include the process and scoring criteria.

Neuven carry out the audit in three stages:

  • Stage one of the audit is to meet with the supplier representative and go through a questionnaire to understand their operations and ensure their understanding of the audit process.
  • Stage two is the audit of files selected on the day. The audit will be focused predominantly on the areas highlighted by the whistle blower. This will include any names previously provided by the client as a result of the whistle blowing.  If any legal critical failures are found, the Neuven auditor would immediately escalate to the client.
  • Finally, Neuven will meet with supplier representatives to discuss the findings. Recommendations are made and any non-compliance’s agreed, with the relevant corrective actions outlined and agreed.

Once the audit is completed the auditor and supplier representatives sign and agree the non-compliance’s, allowing Neuven to produce an audit report which is presented back the client.

At a Glance
  • Bespoke investigation criteria agreed
  • Thorough investigation on specific problem area
  • Three stage investigation process
  • Corrective actions agreed and documented
  • Findings reported transparently and in the strictest of confidence
  • Full audit report on agreed non-conformance’s
  • Re-audit made available to the client and supplier



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