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Neuven Compliance

Neuven’s compliance audits were established on the basis of communication and transparency with the focus of protecting clients and improving suppliers knowledge and as such, quality. The solution is backed up by continuous reporting, quality assurance and flexibility to help meet a client’s demand. Neuven go further, give more detail and focus on protecting clients.

Before Neuven begin the process with any suppliers they would work closely with a client to establish their specific needs and requirements in relation to their products. From this Neuven would agree an in depth 50 point audit checklist which can then be rolled out to the supplier panel. Panel suppliers can then be fully briefed on the clients compliance requirements, as well as the robust scoring mechanisms they will be judged against.

A full de-brief of the audit is given to the agency and Neuven would also provide a full audit report for the client and supplier detailing:

  • Score achieved
  • Recommendations
  • Re-audits
  • Total supply v files audited
  • League table of supplier scores

Pre-Tender – Policy & Process

Neuven have built on their compliance audits and have designed pre-tender policy and process audits to help ensure clients are only engaging with the best possible suppliers. Neuven have worked closely with clients to examine each individual aspect of their requirement, and have built an audit specification which suppliers can be marked against. Neuven then audit each provider that expressed an interest in a client tender, before a client accepts a supplier to the framework.

The final audit result for each provider are assessed on a pass / fail basis,  and would then allow the supplier to continue with or to exit from the tender process. Using this as part of the expression of interest phase, allows clients to ensure a quality standard from the start of the tender process. Auditing is becoming more and more common as part of the standard tender process, meaning that providers who want to tender and grow their business will need to ensure they are fully up to date on their policies and processes before they can do so.

At a Glance

Compliance Audits

  • Consultative approach
  • Bespoke audit criteria and process
  • 48 hour notice for suppliers
  • Pass/Fail criteria
  • Full, transparent audit report for clients and suppliers
  • Nationwide coverage
  • League table of suppliers for clients






Pre-Tender Policy & Process

  • Pre-tender assistance for clients and frameworks
  • Client/Framework specific audit criteria
  • Pass/Fail criteria
  • Ensuring frameworks are fully compliant from the start
  • Works across every type of supplier


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