Neuven Audit Solutions

Neuven AuditSmart®

Neuven audit solutions offer clients a wide range of auditing options, from client led checks and framework compliance, to supplier led checking and preparation audits. Neuven’s compliance team have a wealth of experience and offer compliance audits both remote and onsite with clients across the UK. All of Neuven’s audits are carried out in a neutral manner and to the highest possible standard, working within a variety of industry sectors.  All of Neuven’s audits are carried out in the strictest of confidence, covering all private and public sectors using temporary agency labour.

Over the past two years, Neuven carried out over 2,500 audits per year in the Healthcare, Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing sectors, also carrying out a large number of audits on behalf of various NHS framework agreements.

Neuven’s aim, wherever possible, is to take a consultative approach to auditing, helping clients and agencies reach their goals and work in a better, smarter way. Ultimately giving clients confidence and control over their own compliance and mitigation of risk.

At a Glance

Neuven’s audit solutions cover the areas below:

  • Compliance
  • Pre-tender
  • Re-audits
  • Whistleblower audits
  • Spot check audits
  • Policy and process audits
  • Financial reconciliation
  • GDPR – 12 step Gap Analysis and recommendations
  • ISO /QMS preparation and maintenance


To find out more about how Neuven can benefit your business, please get in touch by navigating to our Contact page and sending us an enquiry.