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Neuven Consult is the new name for the Neuven Audit division within Neuven Solutions, providing Compliance Expertise and Audits, Bid Management & Tender Support and Framework and Compliance Training to organisations across the UK.

Neuven has been at the forefront of Compliance and Public Sector engagement for over a decade now and as the UK’s most successful neutral and independent consultancy we provide our experience, knowledge and guidance to some of the UK’s largest Public and Private Sector organisations. Neuven supports these organisations by ensuring their supply chains and employees are fully vetted and compliant to the highest possible standards, supporting large and small businesses via our Bid Management Service to engage with Government through their Framework applications and contracts helping hundreds of clients in accessing £millions in Government contracts across Recruitment, Technology, Corporate Solutions and Construction and finally in providing Training Solutions to improve and enhance their businesses and capabilities

Neuven Consult – Working Better Together.

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  • Bid Management Services

    Our dedicated Bid management team supports our valued clients across a variety of sectors aligned to Public Sector objectives including: People, Corporate Solutions, DDAT (Digital Design & Technology) and Buildings & Infrastructure.

    We offer a full-lifecycle service providing end-to-end consultancy and delivery including early visibility and tender preparedness, tender submission, and post award advice, guidance & training in order to maximise the investment made.

    Our proven delivery methodology & processes ensures access to Subject Matter Experts guiding the submission in complex, high value, risk based scenarios to assure the best possible outcome for both our clients and the Public Sector in which trust supports mutual and long-term relationships.

    We would welcome any enquiries into this and our other complimentary services – please contact contact Neuven Bid Management services via

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  • Audit Services

    Neuven is the largest and most successful UK provider of independent compliance audits, we have worked for over 10 years with organisations from numerous industries from Healthcare to Manufacturing to ensure the people employed are compliant and qualified to do so. Neuven have established extensive links in both government and the private sector to allow us to deliver an unsurpassed service, identifying fraud, modern slavery and criminal activity to safeguard patients and businesses from individuals and organisations who wish to compromise these requirements.

    Neuven’s approach to auditing is to collectively improve standards across your supply chain and clarify and improve the collective approach to compliance, we work extensively with your supply chain to educate, improve and ensure that only fully vetted and compliant suppliers provide your business with employees.

    For more information on Neuven Audit services, please contact us at

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