What do Neuven Solutions do?

Neuven are a Neutral Vendor in the temporary agency labour market. Through a combination of people, process and technology, we streamline and automate the recruitment process by which organisations engage with agency or locum staff throughout the UK.

What is a ‘Neutral Vendor’?

A Neutral Vendor operates between a recruitment agency and a hiring organisation to help streamline and improve on how companies engage with the market. A Neutral Vendor will never deal with, or manage, temps directly, they instead will contract with a panel of recruitment agencies either alongside or on behalf of a client.

As a Neutral Vendor, Neuven have no affiliation to any external companies, be that recruitment agencies, payroll companies or factoring organisations. This means that we can remain completely neutral to benefit both our clients and our recruitment agencies.

In essence, the neutral vendor approach introduces fair, open and transparent competition in to the marketplace where agencies compete on a level playing field regardless of their size. This means that Neuven can ultimately provides better quality candidates at a fair market price.

What other solutions are out there and why should we choose Neutral Vending?

There are a number of different solutions out there in the market place and a wide range of routes to market. Its all about finding the right solution that works best for your business. Below are a few different solutions out there:

Managed Service Provider (MSP) firms are typically recruitment outsourcing organisations who are affiliated to, or own, a recruitment agency within their wider stable. MSPs will manage your recruitment, reducing the number of recruitment firms that are on your PSL, in most instances to direct supply towards their in house recruitment agency, while additionally looking at direct hiring tactics.

Master Vendor (MV) solutions are typically run by a dominant recruitment firm which is charged with filling all of a client’s temporary recruitment needs. Normally the MV will then farm out jobs to other recruitment firms at lower margins if they’re not initially able to fill the positions within a certain time period. Normally a  Master Vendor will try and dictate candidate pay rates, margins and commercials with the client as they are the clients only route to market.

Direct Supply is where a client deals directly with a panel of recruitment agencies. This can get complicated very quickly, with each recruitment agency working to their own individual terms and conditions, rates and margins. Without careful and diligent control over the panel of suppliers and their rates, costs can quickly spiral out of control.

True Neutral Vendor partners have no affiliation to, or ownership of, any recruitment firms in their wider group. This means they can manage your recruitment agency relationships extremely effectively as there is never any conflict of interest around pay rates or agency margins. A Neutral Vendor will normally have a technology based platform solution to offer clients a host of transactional benefits like invoice consolidation and management information.

Neuven, as a genuine vendor neutral provider, does not supply temporary workers directly itself, and therefore does not compete with other recruitment agencies; providing customers with the most competitive and robust supply chain possible.

What benefits do Neuven offer to clients?

Customers who implement Neuven’s Neutral Vendor solution for the provision of temporary staff, either through recruitment agencies or direct hire, will be able to achieve the following demonstrable outcomes:

  • Increased choice of candidates
  • Better quality of candidates
  • Significant cost savings
  • Reduced exposure to risk
  • Increased fulfilment levels
  • Complete transparency
  • Better customer processes
  • Full visibility and control over spend
  • Increased local candidate and supplier engagement

In a nutshell, we save you money, we make life easier and we keep you legal.

How much can Neuven save my organisation?

Neuven have worked with clients of all shapes and sizes in vastly different circumstances and markets. Neuven on average are able to deliver tangible direct savings for clients of up to 10-20% per year on their spend depending on the solution.

However, in our experience, we are able to deliver additional savings to customers who have never had a managed service solution in place previously.

How long will it take to implement the solution?

Neuven’s implementation plan is built specifically around a client’s needs and how they want the solution to roll out. This can range from wholesale change across all locations or specific regions, to a slow build up with different sites going live on an individual basis.

Neuven’s aim is to have the whole implementation completed within 6-13 weeks depending on the scale of the roll out, be it one location, a region or on a national basis.

Neuven never charge clients for the implementation of the Neutral Vendor solution, unlike some other vendors.

Who does this work for?

The Venneu® and Venloc® solutions are aimed at different businesses, depending on how they engage with their temporary workforce. With Venneu® aimed at the streamlining and management of recruitment agencies, and Venloc® aimed at directly engaged workers.

These solutions can be combined to give clients the most flexible and cost effective workforce management solution. As such, the solution can work for any organisation who utilise temporary workers engaged in a number of different ways.

What does it cost?

Neuven’s solution is designed to never cost clients money, either through the implementation or through day to day operations.

Whilst Neuven have a small transparent transaction fee, which is agreed between the client and Neuven from the outset, this fee is usually calculated as a percentage of savings. This means that Neuven never cost client’s money and instead are driven to generate savings on the client’s behalf.

How complicated is it?

Neuven can operate in almost any way to suit a client, meaning that in the main clients can continue their normal operations on a day to day basis. Managers will be supported by Neuven, who are there to facilitate and help build relationships between clients and agencies, as well as administering the Venneu® and/or Venloc® systems. Neuven will always try and work with the incumbent agencies, which means that the transitional period during implementation is as painless as possible

Both the Venneu® and the Venloc® systems have been designed to be as user friendly as possible and haven’t been complicated by bulky add-on’s. Feedback from clients suggests the clients benefit from:

  • Vastly Improved relationship with agencies – allowing agencies to track their invoices and also not charging them for access to panel or use of the Venneu® system.
  • Totally transparent – always engage with clients and agencies with an ‘open book’ . There are no hidden margins as may be the issue with many others.
  • Helpdesk and Account Management – exceptionally responsive and diligent, helping clients to operate more efficiently in relation to their temporary workers.
  • Compliance – access to independent forensic audits as well as Neuven’s built in compliance modules
  • Neutrality – Neuven have made no ties or affiliations with any umbrella companies or recruitment agencies. Instead agencies are all treated on a first tier basis.
  • Continuity of service – Neuven will work with any agency in the UK, meaning when clients transition their services, they aren’t forced to use new agencies.
  • Fairness – Neuven don’t withhold payments to agencies and will work with clients and agencies to agree fair pricing.

What training do you offer?

All of Neuven’s solutions come with online or face to face training to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Neuven also offer clients and agencies the chance to get additional industry knowledge and skills via their TrainingSmart® solution. This covers areas such as the prevention of illegal workers, or how to build industry leading policy and procedures.

For more information on Neuven’s training courses, click here.

Do Neuven provide auditing solutions?

Neuven audit solutions offer clients a wide range of auditing options, from client led checks and framework compliance, to supplier led checking and preparation audits. Neuven’s compliance team have a wealth of experience and offer compliance audits both remote and onsite with clients across the UK. All of Neuven’s audits are carried out in a neutral manor and to the highest possible standard, working within a variety of industry sectors.

For more information on how Neuven’s audit solutions can help your business, click here


To find out more about how Neuven can benefit your business, please get in touch by navigating to our Contact page and sending us an enquiry.